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Engine Z13DTJ/DTH – Oil dilution, Kody diagnostyczne P253F, ?53F8, C13F8

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Subject: Engine Z13DTJ/DTH ? Oil dilution, Trouble Codes P253F/?53F8/C13F8 set
Models: Engines: Option:
Corsa-C Combo 2006?,Meriva 2006?,Corsa-D 2007?,Astra-H 2006? Z13DTJ,Z13DTJ,Z13DTJ| Z13DTH,Z13DTH only vehicles with DPF
Complaint: Vehicle recovered into service workshop with mayor engine damage due to engine oil dilution. Concerned are mainly fleet customers with extreme short distance driving behavhoir.
Cause: ?Several investigations revealed oil dilution due to many interrupted DPF regeneration cycles. Please note that each and every DPF regeneration cycle will automatically cause a small amount of oil dilution due to diesel fuel and therefore will increase the engine oil level and reduce oil live time consequently. Oil condition is controlled by the ECU through oil live monitoring and will definitely inform the customer via ??INSP?” in instrument cluster to approach the nearest retail facility for service (as mentioned in the owners manual) as soon as the remaining oil life has reached 3%. Note: ?Oil Live Monitoring device?” is mandatory for vehicles equipped with DPF in order to avoid engine damages. ?
Production: The new software has been introduced in production as of: ? Corsa-D plant Zaragoza: VIN 8 4 439308 ? Corsa-D plant Eisenach: VIN 8 6 167472 ? Meriva-A plant Zaragoza: VIN 8 4 445332 ? Combo-C plant Azambuja: VIN 7 3 027324 ? Combo-C plant Zaragoza: VIN 8 4 440641


For all vehicles with Z13DTJ engine Service Update 08-P-027 has to

In case of customer complaint perform SPS programming of the ECU.

Corsa-D Z13DTH: as of TIS 2000-DVD, version 92 (access via Channel 21
portal, TIS2WEB as of 28.04.2008)

Astra-H, no update planned

Please inform your workshop and sales staff accordingly.
We recommend to inform customer (especially fleet customer) about
"INSP" warning during vehicle hand over.
It might well be that after re-programming of ECU according to this
TSB the following DTC and/or DTC combination will be set: P253F/?53F8.
If this is the case oil needs to be changed cause oil life monitoring
is down to 0% either due to time or distance driven or due to oil
In case of complaint (oil dilution) exchange oil including filter
according service procedure.
The following additional information/advices for the customer are in
1.) Extend ?INSP? warning in instrument cluster up to 10 seconds right
    after ignition on (scheduled for MY 2009).
2.) Activate SVS in parallel to ?INSP? warning since TIS 2000-DVD,
    version 92
3.) DPF tag updated in CW 45/2007.
FunctionalGroup: J ? Engine
Complaint Group: 01 ? Broken or Cracked
Trouble Code: P253F,C13F8,?53F8

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