Astra H Biuletyny Techniczne Opel 1.9 CDTI Signum Vectra C Zafira B

Biuletyn techniczny P0340 1.9 cdti

Field Remedy: 2331

Subject: Engine Z19DT/L – Failure code P0340(28), wrong camshaft signal
Models: Engines: Option:
Astra-H 2007…,Zafira-B 2007…,Vectra-C 2007…,Signum 2007… Z19DT| Z19DTL,Z19DT| Z19DTL,Z19DT| Z19DTL,Z19DT| Z19DTL
Complaint: SVS control illuminates, failure code P0340 (28) set in ECU, engine stalls in idle condition,
Cause: Crankshaft gear damaged.


In case of customer complaint please check engine timing precisely 
according to TIS 2000 service instruction. If timing was found NOK, 
please correct accordingly. Therefore please check crankshaft gear 
for any damage (as shown in picture I, 1).

Object Number: 10685865 Size: DEFAULT

Crankshaft gear needs to be removed from the shaft and replaced if 
damaged. Partnumber: 93178820 / cataloguenumber: 56 36 345.
Production wise a raised fastening torque has been implemented as 
of engine no Z19DT5938366. This shall be considered during the 
installation of the new crankshaft gear. The fastening torque has 
been raised to 340 Nm.
FunctionalGroup: J – Engine
Complaint Group: 19 – Poor Engine Driveability
Trouble Code: P0340(28)

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